A little bit about us.

Working out of the scenic seaside village of Carlingford, Ireland, Irish Aroma are manufacturers and suppliers of all sorts of candles, aromatics and burners. We speacalize in candles and only use 100% natural soy wax in all of our wax products. All of our aromatics products are handmade and hand packaged with passion and care by professionals. Indulge in our popular "Irish Range" which is inspired by common nostalgic scents from the endlessly aromatic Emerald Isle. From earthy and musky scents like peat turf and fresh tweed to sweet and subtle scents such as whiskey and Irish cream, there is a scent to suit everyone, truly. Treat yourself to our aromatherapy candles which are made using 100% natural ingredients, including therapeutic grade essential oils to help you with everything from sleeping to meditation! We also keep a large inventory of incense (both cones and sticks), oil burners, and potpourri. With that, welcome to the website and happy shopping, Sláinte!