Awaken - Pure Essential Oil & Soy Wax Candle

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Dúisigh - The Irish word for 'wake up', this blend is for helping get you mentally prepared for the day ahead, also great for keeping concentration when 'burning the midnight oil'. The oils we use in our wake up blend are; Sweet Orange & Peppermint. Each of these oils play their own part in helping this blend not only smell great but also effectively helping to relieve specific ailments through the use of aromatherapy.

100% Natural soy Wax candle made with pure natural oils. Each candle in our aromatherapy range contains a full 10ml bottle of high quality pure essential oil. Candles have a burn time of 20+ hours. Our product is intended to be used for therapeutic purposes and for the many air purifying and health boosting qualities that essential oils have long been sought after for. We use a full fragrance load of 10% in each of our candles as opposed to the industry standard of 3-7% to provide maximum effect with maximum scent throw. Shop all of our products at