Irish Candles

Handmade soy candles. Poured by experts in the beautiful Irish countryside. At Irish Aroma we only use 100% natural wax in all our candles and wax products. The candle fragrances in our "Scents of Ireland" collection are inspired by nostalgic and famous scents from the Emerald Isle. Ireland is country known for its smells, some of which have become synonymous with Irish culture such as wild mountain heather, or the smell of peat turf on a toasty fire. It is only right that some of our more famous and lovely smells are celebrated with a candle collection of their own. Our "Scents of Ireland" candles are a gift to our many millions of Irish brothers and sisters away from home who crave the nostalgic and warming scent of Irish turf, or the comforting, floral mountain heather.  We pack our candles with a full fragrance load meaning every Irish Aroma candle has an excellent scent throw, not just throughout the room but throughout the house! The cost of our candles are reflected by the quality of the ingredients used and the care and expertise with which each candle is poured. Irish Aroma is on course to be without doubt the best candle company in Ireland, try our candles and see for yourself what all the fuss is about! Sláinte!

Always take care when burning candles in the home. Read the safety label and never leave a lit candle unattended.